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Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust

Children's Home (Main Block)

Dating back to 1951, this was the first building of Bala Mandir. Built with donations from the public, it was completed in 1951-52. Initially it housed all the children, but now it houses senior girls ( 11-18 years) and the junior boys & girls (6 to 10 years). It has recreational rooms for children and the Tailoring Section. It was renamed Ramnath Goenka Block in 1994, by the former President of India, Sri. R. Venkatraman.

A statute of Manjumma adorns the front of the building. This was inaugurated by Bharat Ratna Smt. M.S. Subbulakshmi on September 24, 1997 .

Infant &Toddler Block (Hospital Block)

Inaugurated by Smt. Indira Gandhi on June 7, 1959, the Sriman Srinivasa Iyengar Block was named Hospital Block -since it was a ‘hospital’ for the children in the early days. Later, when better medical help was available outside, this became the infant and toddler section of Bala Mandir. It has a separate kitchenette and dining area for the little ones and a large play area in the front.

The first floor was built with donations from the public and help from L&T ECC.

Administrative Block

First built in 1977, it was called the Madhuram Narayanan Adminstrative Block and funded by Mr. K.S. Narayanan. It was inaugurated by Mrs. Mammen Mapillai. It was rebuilt in 2008 – the ground floor was redesigned with monetary support of Yoga Vereinigung Rajagopalan e.v. of Germany and the first floor was built with the help of Sarathy Foundation, USA. Renamed Smt. Manjubhashini Administrative Block, it was inaugurated by Sri. S. Ramakrishnan and Mr. Arun Vasu. This building houses the Administrative Section, the  Accounts Section, Adoption Centre, Meeting Hall, Record Room and the Diamond Jubilee Hall for workshops/seminars. It also has a garage on the ground floor.

The statue of our Founder Sri. K. Kamaraj adorns the verandah of the Administrative Block. This was inaugurated in his centenary year by Bharat Ratna C. Subramaniam on July 15, 1998.

Day Care Centre

The foundation stone for this building was laid by Sri. S. Govind Swaminadhan, President, Bala Mandir in 1997. It was completed in 1998 with the donation of Action Children Aid, Denmark and was inaugurated by the Ambassador of Denmark in India, H.E. Bjarne H. Sorensen.

DCC houses the Early Educational Programme and takes care of 200 + children during day time, providing all facilities for a holistic development.

It houses both Bala Mandir children and children of the nearby urban slum – 6 months to 4 years in the ground floor, and 4 years to 6 years in the first floor.

The first floor has two sections following the two different methods of teaching – 1. The Kindergarten play-way method 2.Montessori pre-primary methodology.

Vidyalaya Building

The Prakasam Street property of Bala Mandir, was built with the help of Braade Stiftung, Denmark. The foundation stone was laid in 1991 by Mr. P-H. Mortensen, Chairman of the Board, Braade Stiftung and was inaugurated in 1994 by the Member of the Board, Ms. Patricia Tubog.

It has housed the school for LKG to Std V – run exclusively for the Bala Mandir children. It has more recently been occupied by the Madhuram Narayanan Centre for Exceptional Children – an early intervention centre.

Kitchen & Dining Hall

The foundation stone for this building was laid by Sri. K. Kamaraj in 1967. Built with the help of a Government Grant and OXFAM, the kitchen has served nutritious meals to thousands of Bala Mandir children over the years. The kitchen is modernised with the necessary equipment and a solar heating system.

The dining hall is used, apart from mealtimes, for weekly common prayers, celebrating festivals and group activities.

It has a special room for milk and a cold storage facility. It also has a small kitchenette used by senior children for their cooking classes.

The Storage building was built with the help of Braade Stiftung, Denmark and inaugurated in 2002 by Michaela Hover, Member- Braade Stiftung. Large quantities of rice and other provisions are stored here. It also has an outdoor cooking facility with a ‘smokeless chulha’.

Vinayaka Clinic & Resource Centre

Gifted by an anonymous donor – the building has the Homeopathy/Paediatric clinics, Eye/Dental clinics, Counselling room and the Bala Mandir Research Foundation administrative office. It was inaugurated in 1988 by H.E. Dr. P.C. Alexander, Governor of Tamil Nadu.

The first floor was later built and inaugurated in 2005 by the President of Bala Mandir, Sri. V. Sethuram. It was built with the help of Yoga Vereingung Rajagopalan e. v. Germany.

It is a Resource Centre – with a hall for meetings and seminars, Library Room and a guestroom for resource persons to stay.
Primary School (Original Building)

The foundation stone for this building was laid by Sri. M. G. Ramachandran in 1978 and was inaugurated by Sri. K. BalaMandir Facilities OldBMPSKamaraj in the same year. Built with donations from the public, it housed the Primary School for 30 years, before it had to be demolished due to hazardous cracks.

The Primary School is now in the Building II of the Satyamurthi High School complex on Giriappa Road.
Satyamurthi High School Complex

This building has benefited thousands of children through the years. It was built with donations from the public and inaugurated in 1978 by H.E Sri. Prabhudas Patwari, Governor of Tamil Nadu. The G. Rajagopalan Memorial Hall was inaugurated by Sri. P. Ramachandran, Union Minster for Energy in the same year.

It has all the necessary facilities of a Computer Lab, Science Lab, Library and Craft room, and school hall used for celebrations, PTA meetings and other activities.

It also contains noon meal hall and kitchen, water purification equipment and hygienic toilets.

The Higher Secondary Block was built with a loan from Indian Bank and the foundation stone was laid by Sri. R. Venkatraman, President of India in 1988.

German Hall

The foundation stone was laid for this building by Ms. Colette Venzlaff, Consul General for the Federal Republic of Germany in 1976. It was inaugurated by Dr. Dirk Oncken, Ambassador of Federal Republic of Germany to India in 1977.

Built with the help of Agro Action Deutsche Welthungerhilfe (DWH), it is a multi-purpose hall donated to Bala Mandir for income generation and usage for all its cultural events. It will be renovated and refurbished soon.

Gerda Mortensen Boys’ Block

This was the first building donated by Braade Stiftung and inaugurated by Mr. P-H Mortensen in 1999. It is occupied by the boys in the age group of 10 to 18 years. It has Dormitories, Prayer Hall and living area for the resident warden.

Vocational Skills Centre

Carpentry Workshop – From the old shed that was set up in 1965, the workshop moved into the ground floor of a new building gifted in 1999 by DWH for a carpentry certificate training course.

The first floor for this and adjacent ground and first floors came up in 2000 to house the three trades of Electrical/Fitter/Carpentry.

The foundation stone was laid by Mrs. K. Vedam, Trustee, BMKT in 1998 and the building was inaugurated by Mr. Lars Odd Pettersen, Chairman, Braade Stiftung in 1999.

The extension to the building housing the administration, the computer centre and seminar room replaced the old laundry section and came up in 2007 with the help of Braade Stiftung. The foundation stone was laid by Mr. C. R. Ramakrishnan, Trustee, BMKT in 2006 and BalaMandir Facilities VocationalTraining was inaugurated by Mr. T. V. Kini, Member, BMKT.

The ITC is equipped with some state-of -theart equipment -
  • Electrical Trade donated by DWH, West Germany.
  • Fitter Trade by L&T ECC. .
  • Computer Centre by ACA, Denmark.
Daswani Block

This building was built for Bala Mandir’s use. It has in the past housed smaller groups of children in the ratio of one caregiver to 10 young children under an ICMR Project. It was later used as a Transit Home for senior orphan girls and functioned for a while as a Working Women’s Hostel for them. During that time they did their own cooking and housekeeping and learnt many homekeeping skills. Since 2009 this building has housed the Vidyalaya School which was shifted from Prakasam Street. In the future, there are plans to convert this as a guest hostel for visiting NGO personnel – being trained on Bala Mandir’s Early Childhood Programme.

Donated by Smt. Gopi C. Daswani in memory of her husband Sri. Choitram T. Daswani, this building was inaugurated by Sri Prabhudas Patwari, Governor of Tamil Nadu in 1980.

Nagercoil Unit

Built on the land bought by Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust for the purpose, this building is designed as a Home for 50 destitute girls. The second building coming up soon will serve as a Day Care Centre for children below 6 years and have a Vocational Training Centre for women. This project was funded from the donation of Braade Stifftung and was inaugurated by Mr. Lars Odd Pettersen, Chairman, Braade Stiftung in 2004.