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Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust

SMM Seminar was held on 21st December 2019

The SMM Seminar was held on 21st December, 2019 at the Cultural Centre. It is a yearly event conducted  by the Bala Mandir Reserach Foundation since 1999, in memory of the founder of Bala Mandir, Smt. Manjubhashini.  This event focuses on BMRF's primary work, pertaining to the parent and the child. This year too, a parenting resource kit, Learning to Play in My Own Way (IMOW), that acts as a guide and tool to all those in parenting roles and those involved in child development was launched.  This kit was developed by BMRF in collaboration with the Learning Institute, Sick Kids International, Canada. It supports the holistic development of the child from birth to six years and understands and enables all children inclusively.

Ms Usha Ramakrishnan till recently, a Council Member of BMRF and a consultant for Emotional Intelligences and Emotional Wellness (for parenting, teaching, management and leadership), was invited to introduce the resource and explain its workings. She had a large part to play in the development of the tool along with other BMRF members. She demonstrated the effective use of the resource to a large audience of over 56 people comprising teachers, Special Educators, Social Work Counsellors, ECCD Professionals and many others.

The programme began with Ms Maya Gaitonde presenting an overview of BMRF and its activities. Ms Usha Ramakrishan introduced the tool and explained its salient features. Subsequently, the voices of the actual users of the tool were heard and the audience was encouraged to follow the profile of the selected child with their copy of the tool. Shalini, Special Educator and Preethi, ECCD Co-ordinator highlighted their experiences in applying the resource to the students of Bala Mandir.  The parents of a young child explained that by using the tool, they had identified the profile of their child and enhanced his development. It was an enriching and educative seminar/workshop and the IMOW was successfully introduced and created an interest in all those in caregiving and parenting roles.


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