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Samyam 22nd July 2023

SAMYAM, being celebrated in Madhuram Narayanan Centre since 2003, was held on July 22nd.

Past students, Present and the new entrants join together into the Centre during the year. This creates a sense of motivation for both the present students and the new joinees and on the other hand gives a scope for guidance and a feeling of reassurance for the past students when they get to meet their teachers again.

This programme that brings together all the children with their parents, gives a platform for

  • Healthy interaction to share the ideas and views for further development of the children
  • Maintain continuity with Madhuram Narayanan Centre for guidance and counselling
  • Motivating new parents to face the challenges in bringing up and training the children

In keeping with the tradition of inviting parents of alumni as Chief Guest, the chief guest this year was Mrs. B Senthamilselvi, Founder Principal of Kumaran Special School in Ennore. She is mother to two special children who are the alumni of MNC.

While addressing the gathering she shared how MNC was like a mother’s house to her. Though she had to travel for two hours with her children to reach here and found it very difficult initially, she was very thankful to the MNC teachers and management who went out of their way to help them, that she gained enough courage to do a diploma in special education and a post graduation too. She now runs a centre on her own having 45 children who train for different vocations. She stressed that parental involvement was very crucial in every aspect of the child’s training right from partnering with the special educator in the Individualized Education Plan to implementing the training of the skills at home.

The cultural show by the children was very well received. Birth to 4 years children presented an action song on Vegetables, while the children 4 to 6 years presented a story on the Lion and Mouse. “Kuttralathu Malaiyele” was a small skit presented by the alumni on the merry life of monkeys on the mountains. The parents presented a concluding dance which was also well appreciated by all.

The panel discussion among the parents focussed on the difficulties of special parents and remedies for the same. The AVMVK Academy which runs the Diploma in Early Childhood Special Education took the opportunity to present the Diploma Certificates to their students who had passed out in the academic year 2022-2023.

The function came to end with the National anthem and light refreshments.

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