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Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust

Key Contributors
Distressed with the plight of orphan and destitute and abandoned children in the post independence era and inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and along with Late Sri.K.Kamaraj, Smt.S.Manjubhashini established Bala Mandir on 10th March 1949.
In recalling the services to Bala Mandir of our 3 Founders we would like to record that:
Thiru.Kamaraj as President of Bala Mandir involved himself in all its activities despite his onerous responsibility in public and political life. No problem of Bala Mandir was too small for his personal attention and every child was his very own.


Mr.Ramnath Goenka was closely involved with the founding and running of Bala Mandir in the early years and till date members of his family continued to serve the institution.
Ms.S.Manjubhashini or Manjumma as she was fondly known was the guiding light of Bala Mandir till her passing away in 1996. For nearly 5 decades Bala Mandir was a daily pilgrimage and even at 90 and in failing health, work at Bala Mandir “the temple for children” was worship – evidently a life time commitment to the cause of children.

Bala Mandir over the years under her able guidance had grown like a Banyan tree into a premier welfare organization sheltering 1000’s of orphan, destitute and deprived children and spreading its branches from the core service of child care into rehabilitation, educational, vocational and medical programmes.


Other Eminent Personalities
The other eminent personalities who have served as Patrons to whom we owe a debt of gratitude are:
Mr.Govind Swaminadhan
Mr.Govind Swaminadhan,eminent Lawyer and Jurist who served as the President of Bala Mandir from ’78 to ‘95 and his involvement is a standing testimony to his concern for the children in need.
Mr.T.T.Vasu both as member and Trustee and later as President has served the Institution from the very early years of its inception for almost 4 decades and was closely involved with most of the expansion activities of Bala Mandir.
Ms.Saroj Goenka
Ms.Saroj Goenka worked as Joint Treasurer from the very beginning and involved herself personally and lent her unstinting support during the first 3 decades of running Bala Mandir.
Mrs. K. Vedam
Mrs. K. Vedam joined Bala Mandir in 1981 after a successful tenure in Social Welfare Board. For almost two decades she played a significant role in the growth of Bala Mandir especially in the area of adoption and vocational training.
Mrs. Lakshmi Krishnamurthy
Mrs. Lakshmi Krishnamurthy, daughter of freedom fighter Satyamurthi, served as trustee and president of the school committee. She was responsible for the setting up of Satyamurthi school and bringing it up to achieve great heights.
Mr. V.Y. Gaitonde
Mr. V.Y. Gaitonde was an integral part of Bala Mandir for almost six decades and was the driving force behind all major milestone projects. He played many important roles including that of the first Principal of ITC, Treasurer, Trustee etc., Above all this, he was the favourite of all the children and related to them in his own special way as their "Balu sir".
Many service minded individuals have from time to time rendered yeoman human service to the cause of Bala Mandir and each in their own immeasurable way have left an indelible mark on the functioning and service activities of the Institution.