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Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust

People & Processes
A registered organisation under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975 – Bala Mandir has a well-defined administration Management.
Who runs Bala Mandir and how?
Elected from/by the General Body of volunteer members, an “Executive Committee” (EC) of 21 committed members volunteers their time and expertise for the specific responsibilities they undertake. A few among them hold office to oversee the efficient and smooth functioning of its various service activities. Headed by the President, Honorary General Secretary and Treasurer, the EC meets quarterly to review the progress in each area and plan for corrective actions where necessary.
While totally child centred – the sphere of activities of each unit are varied and members in-charge along with the help of a sub-committee focus attention on them. The members of the sub-committee include along with other EC members,
  • professionals who advise on the specific field of child care development,
  • employees who head the unit and implement the activities and
  • social workers who bring in the child and community perspective.

The different areas are

  • Child Care + rehabilitation – Chennai and Nagercoil unit
  • Adoption
  • Education
  • Children with special needs
  • Early Childhood and parenting practices
  • Vocational Skills Training
  • Health
The sub-committee makes a detailed quarterly review of the various activities, advises the unit on day-to-day implementation challenges – define plans for corrective measures and suggest way and means of enhancing and sustaining quality. These reports are presented to the EC ensuring a co-ordinated working within the organisation.

As Bala Mandir moves forward taking on new initiatives to enhance its services to more holistic child care and development – more sub-committees will be delegated with responsibilities, thus broad basing qualitative inputs into its functioning. Possible new sub-committees could be in cultural activities, financial administration, systems management etc.

Paid employees at different levels are the back bone of the organisation who handle the day to day working and help to achieve the clearly defined goals in each area, through a well-planned routine/calendar established over the years. They are encouraged to excel and perform efficiently while remaining committed to the code of conduct, ethics and value systems of Bala Mandir.

Social workers and child care professional have been appointed to ensure that the perspective of the children is not diluted in any way. Their work focuses on specific age groups of children and they provide an independent perspective to the working of the units and the issues faced by the children.

At an overall advisory level there is a Board of Trustees - persons with experience and eminence who while safeguarding the assets of the organisation play the role of friends – philosophers and guides to Bala Mandir in its endeavours and future initiatives.

List Of Trustees
  1   Mr. N. Kumar   President
  2   Mrs. Maya Gaitonde   Hon. General Secretary / Trustee
  3   Mr.Manoj Kumar Sonthalia   Trustee
  4   Mr. Sriram Panchu   Trustee
  5   Mr.P.Natarajan   Hon. Treasurer / Trustee
  6   Mr.K.V.Rangaswami   Trustee
List of Bala Mandir Executive Committee Members
  S.No.   Name   Designation/ Role
  1   Mr. N. Kumar   President
  2   Ms. Maya Gaitonde   Hon. General Secretary
  3   Ms. Jaya Krishnaswamy   Hon. Joint Secretary / MNC
  4   Mrs. Swathanthra Sakthivel   Hon. Joint Sec / Schools
  5   Mr.P.Natarajan   Hon. Treasurer
  6   Ms. Punitha Ramalingam   Hon. Jt. Treasurer - VTC
  7   Ms. Leela Natarajan   Member / Sponsorship/ Children’s programme
  8   Mr. N. Siva Subramanian   Member / Finance
  9   Ms. Kalpakam Narayanan   Member / Tailoring / Sr. Girls
  10   Dr. P.J.N. Reddy   Member / Medical
  11   Ms. Niranjani Ramamurthi   Member / Medical / Education
  12   Mr. G. Anbumani   Member / Legal Matters
  13   Mr. M. Venkataraman   Member / VTC
  14   Mr. S. Krishnan   Member / MNC
  15   Ms. Lakshmi Gopal   Member / BMRF
  16   Ms. Lakshmi Nair   Member / Nagercoil unit
  17   Ms. Premilla Rajan   Member / Medical Unit
  18   Ms. Rukmini Amirapu   Member / BMRF
  19   Ms.Latha Kumaraswami   Member / Medical
  20   Mr. Ashok Aiyar   Member / Training & Events
  21   Mr. Padma Shankar   Member / Education
Sub Committees


  1   Ms. Uma Kannan
  2   Ms. Prema Rajagopal
  3   Dr. Gopal Surendran
  4   Mr. Kulathooran Pillai
  5   Ms. Vijayakumar
  6   Ms. Lakshmi Nair
  7   Mr. Dinesh Krishnan
  8   Ms. Parveena
  9   Adv. Sahadevan


  1   Ms. Maya Gaitonde
  2   Mr. P.Natarajan
  3   Mr. M.Venkataraman
  4   Mr. P.K.Sridharan
  5   Mr. R.Sethuraman
  6   Ms. Punitha Ramalingam
  7   Principal ITC


  1   Ms. Maya Gaitonde
  2   Mr. P.Natarajan
  3   Ms. Swathanthra Sakthivel
  4   Ms. Padma Shankar
  5   Mr. D. Chandrasekhar
  6   Mr. Murali
  7   Ms. Uma Raman


  1   Ms. Maya Gaitonde
  2   Ms. Niranjani Ramamurthy
  3   Dr. P.J.N.Reddy
  4   Ms. Latha Kumaraswamy
  5   Ms. Premilla Rajan
  6   Dr. Janaki
  7   Dr. Aruna Balachandran
  8   Dr. Peter Martin / Dr. Geetha
  9   Dr. Suchitra
  10   Social Workers

Children's Programme

  1   Ms. Maya Gaitonde
  2   Ms. Leela Natarajan
  3   Ms. Kalpakam Narayanan
  4   Dr. P.J.N.Reddy
  5   Ms. Punitha Ramalingam
  6   Ms. Hema Sridharan
  7   Social Workers


  1   Ms. Maya Gaitonde
  2   Ms. Indu Balagopal
  3   Ms. Lakshmi Gopal
  4   Ms. Swathanthra Sakthivel
  5   Ms. Prema Daniel
  6   Ms. Uma Shankar
  7   Co-ordinator DCC
  8   Social Workers


  1   Ms. Maya Gaitonde
  2   Ms. Minnie Amirapu
  3   Ms. Lakshmi Gopal
  4   Ms. Jaya Krishnaswamy
  5   Dr. Indu Balagopal
  6   Ms. Dhavani Anamolu
  7   Dr. Aruna Balachandran
  8   Co-ordinator

Adoption & Rehabilitation

  1   Dr. P.J. N. Reddy
  2   Leela Natarajan
  3   Punitha Ramalingam
  4   Kalpakam Narayanan
  5   Supt., Bala Mandir
  6   Social Workers


  1   Mr. N. Kumar
  2   Ms. Jaya Krishnaswamy
  3   Mr. S. Krishnan
  4   Mr. Satish Parasaran
  5   Mr. P. Jeyachandran
  6   Ms. Sowmya Raghavan
 7   Mr. Vimala Kannan
  8   Mr. Prabhakar Rao
  9   Mr. K. Vijayaraghavan
  10   Ms. Maya Gaitonde
  11   Mr. P. Natarajan
  12   Ms. Aruna Ratnam

Honorary General Secretary, Ms. Maya Gaitonde Ex-officio member of all sub-committees.

Over the years various people and organisations have contributed towards the building of Bala Mandir to its current position. All of them have been consistent in their support over many years.
Institutional contributors

Some of the institutional contributors who need special mention are:

  • Braade Stiftung, a philanthropic foundation based in Denmark which was set up by P-H-Mortensen in 1985-86 after the demise of his wife Gerda Mortensen. PHM was the GM of L&T ECC in Chennai and both he and his wife were closely associated with Bala Mandir from the early 60’s till 1975 when they left India. PHM used to make yearly visits to Bala Mandir till 1993 when he passed away. Since then the chairman of Braade Stiftung continues to make yearly visits to Bala Mandir to review the work done and also commit funds for infrastructure development and other on-going support.

  • L&T ECC has a long history of association with Bala Mandir and its friendship/ partnership dates back to the early 1960's. In fact L&T ECC’s involvement stands as a unique example of a "CSR initiative" that started well before the term came into the corporate world and it envelops not just financial support but remarkable personal involvement of its engineers, whose technical expertise has been so spontaneously shared for Bala Mandir’s needs. The personal involvement of PHM was continued by the successive heads of the company - a continuous flow of commitment and concern.

  • Bistand for Barn (Action Children Aid) based in Denmark is another supporter of Bala Mandir. For almost 5 decades they have sponsored milk for the children, and lent financial support to many infrastructure and building projects in Bala Mandir and of late sponsorship of ITC trainees as well. Their Chairman, members and Source Managers regularly visit Bala Mandir for review.

  • Deutsche Welthungerhilfe (DWH) based in West Germany supported Bala Mandir for over 3 decades during which their major contributions included the donation of the Bala Mandir German Hall, a well-defined sponsorship scheme and establishment of a Carpentry training centre and equipment for the electrical trade.
  • Saint-Gobain Foundation India has been supporting the new educational initiatives of Bala Mandir as well as infrastructural projects
  • Murugappa group foundations have been regularly sponsoring ITC trainees and have also extended support for infrastructural projects
  • Sarathy Foundation, USA
  • Episcopal Church, Troy, Michigan, USA

Several individual donors have also supported Bala Mandir with substantial contribution and continue to do so. Many donors visit annually, get involved in the programs and offer suggestions for improvement.