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Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust

Early Years (1949 – 1974)
Bala Mandir is founded; The Foundling Home
1951 The Bala Mandir Nursery School begins – to cater to the educational needs of the Toddlers growing up (being raised) in Bala Mandir.
1951 Bala Mandir becomes “Children’s Home” – recognized by Government
1956 The Bala Mandir Primary School comes up to provide primary education for students – to help the children in Bala Mandir and those from the nearby urban slum to aspire to the next stage of education.
1958 Bala Mandir adds “Reception Home” to the children’s programme
1960 Bala Mandir begins support for marriages for its orphan children – in order to rehabilitate them into society
1961 Education requirements lead to the beginning of Satyamurthi High School – to enable children to access higher education
1962 Carpentry Unit is established to provide training to equip children for the future – especially for children who are school dropouts and those not inclined towards academics and in need of skills training.
1965 In- country adoption begins for Bala Mandir children to rehabilitate them into society – a new option for rehabilitation of children into society – and limited international adoptions   as well.
Expanding (1975 – 1999)
Registered as Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust under Societies Act
1975 Tailoring Unit is set up – More skills training for the children. Girls undertake tailoring of clothes for the younger ones.
1977 Bala Mandir German Hall is set up, donated by D.W.H., West Germany. A place to showcase the various cultural events of the children of Bala Mandir and generating income for the institution.
1983 The Bala Mandir Research Foundation is established to take up research issues focused on child development, education and parenting.
1984 A Screen Printing Unit is begun – growing needs for skills training linked to manufacture of educational toys.
1985 Bala Mandir Vidyalaya English Medium begins operations – responding to the demands of the community to give their children education in the English language.
1987 A Transit Home at Nagercoil is started.
1987-88 Satyamurthi High School is upgraded to Higher Secondary School as a bridge between school and college education
1988 Dental Clinic is started – to care of the oral health and hygiene of all the children
1988 Physiotherapy Clinic – to attend to the needs of physically challenged children
1989-90 English medium is introduced at Satyamurthi Higher Secondary School – English, a necessary base for the children opting to go in for Higher Education
1991 Homeopathic Clinic is introduced – as a general health screening , as treatment of  illnesses for young children and to deal with   chronic cases.
1993 A Crèche and Day Care Centre facility is set up for children from nearby slum areas – to help elder girl siblings to pursue education and the mothers to go for jobs.
1993 Nursery School is merged with Primary School as  a good administrative option.
1995 Paediatric Clinic – School Health Programme – Extending medical and health care to all the children accessing services in the Bala Mandir complex
1996 Eye Clinic is established, as eye check-up is a vital need for academic pursuit.
1997 Beginning of Home Sponsorship programmes – as an extension to help destitute children to be rehabilitated with their family.
1997 Transit Programme for working girls instituted  – preparing the orphan girls for the world outside, learning to function independently with guidance.
1998 Basic Skills Training is started, with courses in computer training, typewriting, tailoring, carpentry etc. – to create a change in the outlook of youth towards manual skills and enhancing their capabilities.
1998 Comprehensive School Health Programme is introduced – taking on the responsibility of referrals and follow-ups for all children in Bala Mandir
1999 The Industrial Training Centre (I.T.C.) is set up under NCVT – as an advancement of the skill level. Training in Bala Mandir is opened to youth from urban slum and rural areas.
1999 Bala Mandir celebrates its Golden Jubilee
Consolidating (2000 – 2009)
Bala Mandir Resource Centre is set up – reaching out to parents of all strata of society
2009 Bala Mandir completes sixty years. Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust redefined as a mother NGO with five divisions – Children’s Programme, Education, Vocational, Medical, Rehabilitation.
Moving forward – Rededicating . Reaffirming . Renewing
In the five years between 2009-2014, Bala Mandir has undergone significant changes in each of its units and has in some cases changed the future perspective of the activity and the functioning of the organisation.
Vocational The 50-year-old income-generating Carpentry Unit had to close down in compliance with income tax laws. The expertise of the Carpentry Unit remains with Bala Mandir and has converted itself into a skill training centre which will be further expanded to include short-term skill courses for school dropouts, youth and women from the urban slum.
The Higher Secondary section has been temporarily closed and Bala Mandir is re-looking at a new system for higher secondary education more suitable for the needs of its children. A 3-year research project between 2010 and 2013 brought up gaps and challenges and successes as well and has helped Bala Mandir focus more on Special Education, Spoken English, Value Education and Life Skills and co-curricular activities.
Children’s Programme The increased numbers of children being placed into adoption has reduced the number of orphan children growing up in Bala Mandir. The larger number of children opting for higher educational courses post Std.X has substantially increased the Home sponsorship scheme. The appointment of social workers for every age group of children – infants and toddlers/ 3 to 6 years / 6 to 10 years/senior boys/senior girls has greatly enhanced the qualitative care to children.
Medical Programme A new initiative was started for Total School Health Education programme for students and teachers from Std.I to X. In addition, Bala Mandir’s medical services have made a focused move towards the solutions for mental health and behavioural issues.
2015 Bala Mandir VTC started short term courses in “Carpentry for interiors” and “Installation and Servicing of Air Conditioners”.
2015 Bala Mandir Vidyalaya English Medium Primary School inaugurated.