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Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust

Bala Mandir was started primarily for the care of orphaned and destitute children. Over the years, the activities of the organisation have expanded and today covers a wide range of services. The activities of Bala Mandir are categorized into 5 “units” which work independently in their respective areas of work while drawing on the common services like Accounting, Donation and Sponsorship, IT and Digital solutions, Repairs, Maintenance and Infrastructure improvement projects.

Children's Programme

BalaMandir People Process

The core activity of Bala Mandir is its children’s programme which consists all aspects related to the all-round holistic development of the children admitted to fulltime care in Home...


BalaMandir People Process

Bala Mandir started its education activities within a few years of the starting of its home. The activities have now grown into a full-fledged educational institution for children the...

MNC Unit

BalaMandir People Process

Established in 1989, Madhuram Narayanan Centre (MNC) for Exceptional Children provides Early Intervention services in the age group 0 to 6 years and training towards...


BalaMandir People Process

Bala Mandir Research Foundation (BMRF) was established in 1983 to further studies and research on the institutionalised child and enhance stimulation and care beyond purely...

Kinship Care

BalaMandir People Process

The aim of the Kinship Care programme is to help children deal with the psychological impact of the loss of the parent(s) and improve their chances of reaching their full potential....