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Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust

Vision / Mission / Values
Bala Mandir endorses the rights of all children and envisions for them loving care, good upbringing and opportunities for development especially for children in difficult circumstances.

The Vision statement is based on the following values that drive Bala Mandir’s actions –

  • All children need loving care, good upbringing and opportunities for development
  • A child without a family needs these all the more
  • To serve foundlings, orphans, abandoned, destitute, socially and economically deprived children, irrespective of caste, creed, gender and religion through Institutional and Non-Institutional programmes for care, all around education, medical support, rehabilitation and related research

  • To collaborate, coordinate and affiliate with Indian and International agencies in similar fields of work

  • To work with the Government for the formulation of suitable policies in the area of child care and provide support for its effective implementation

What differentiates Bala Mandir is its “values”. These are deeply enshrined in all its activities and Bala Mandir has a successful track record of practising them without compromise. The following statements related to the code of conduct have been practised since the organisation’s inception and were documented to ensure that the same are practiced in the future also. They represent the core values and define the culture of the organisation.

  1. Child Centric Behaviour – The very purpose of Bala Mandir is to serve the child and hence this needs to be understood by everyone and all actions need to be child centric. This is the core of Bala Mandir and hence the first and most important
    value that everyone should follow
  2. Integrity – No individual may compromise the interests of Bala Mandir entrusted to that individual in favour of his or her private interests while working within Bala Mandir or dealing with third parties on behalf of Bala Mandir
  3. Equality and Team work – This is an essential requirement for any organisation and especially for an NGO like Bala Mandir which has several volunteers and paid employees working together in a seamless way. By design the organisation structure is diffused with equality and respect for all people as the core values
  4. Professional Approach – Working to the best of one's abilities, clear logic for all actions, commitment to goals and tasks assigned are some of the core values that Bala Mandir team members are expected to have for it to become an exemplary world class institution. This code encompasses openness to new ideas and technologies
  5. Respect for Law and Rules – Complete statutory compliance in both letter and spirit has always got top priority in Bala Mandir and all people are expected to act in line with this
  6. Caring for Environment – Bala Mandir believes that actions for protection of environment,sustainable development and minimal use of resources are essential for long term development,and practice of frugal methods are hence strongly encouraged
  7. Secular Outlook – This has always been a very important value in Bala Mandir which needs to be clearly understood and practised by all the people involved in the institution
  8. Continual Improvement and Striving for Excellence – As a leader in its field Bala Mandir needs to continuously learn, improve and strive for excellence. This includes adaptation to the changing needs of the community
  9. Inclusion – Bala Mandir believes in equal access to opportunities and resources for all, irrespective of background, gender and ability / disability